Food Addiction – Great Article on Authority Nutrition

One of my favourite nutrition sites is It takes complex topics and breaks them down into “bite size” chunks via video blogs and written articles. Kris Gunnars, the founder and face of Authority Nutrition is articulate and telegenic. Add to the great content, underpinned by the exceptionally clear vision – “every article we publish is the single best article that exists on the topic. Period” – it is little wonder this is such a popular site.

Click here for a link to a great article talking about food addiction and the effect that food has on your body; Kris argues powerfully that your biochemistry, specifically via the neurotransmitter dopamine, overrides your conscious brain and triggers binge eating of “problem” foods.

It’s a great primer to the theory of food addition although in future discussions I will also delve into the roles of certain hormones specifically leptin and ghrelin which are crucial in appetite regulation and thought by many in obesity research to be disrupted by modern foodstuffs, particularly refined white flour and sugar.

In the meantime enjoy this article and a big hat tip to Kris Gunnars (BSc) for his awesome site.


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  1. I will defo check out that website 👍


    1. tommy.toolman says:

      @AuthNutrition is their Twitter account. It often sends links (video and text) to most popular articles. Balanced, broad-minded and evidence based. I love it!


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