New Series – What I’ve Been Cooking This Week

So I am going to launch a new blog series called what I’ve been cooking this week.

Where possible I love cooking from fresh. But various cookbooks by certain celeb chefs sets an unrealistic standard; does anyone have time to cook every single meal from scratch? The reality most of us face is that we DO feed our kids Baked Beans, microwaved frozen jacket potatoes and cheese and we DO grab something quick from the fridge for ourselves. And we should be able to do this without being food shamed.

However, most of us also want to feed our family and eat, ourselves, good whole foods that do not take forever to prepare. We like to eat together as often as possible but with kids’ bedtimes this is not always possible. The next best to eating together is cooking for the kids then using, or building on, what we’ve cooked for them; cook once, eat twice. Furthermore, leftovers are a staple in our house, whether frozen for future weeks or reheated from the fridge over the next couple of days.

Not every week will be an interesting foodie week and therefore worthy of a post but I do plan to try and do a regular update of the things I have been cooking & eating. Particularly yummy or pretty dishes will then double up on other social media feeds, particularly Instagram.

I would love to hear your feedback on this series – let me know if you have cooked anything yourselves!


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